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KTV Subtitling: 鄭宜農 莎喲娜啦


This was my first attempt at doing karaoke-style subtitling. The song, 莎喲娜啦 (Shāyōnàlā) by 鄭宜農 (Enno Cheng), is Taiwanese with snippets of English and Japanese. Apart from its multi-lingual nature, the best thing about this song is the film it is taken from, 眼淚 (Tears). The film, predominantly in Taiwanese, was released in 2009 to somewhat critical acclaim. Enno Cheng is also the leading lady in the film, taking the role of a betel nut girl (檳榔西施).

The subtitling was done using Aegisub and Avidemux 2.5 following the recommendations of the blog Cantonese Karaoke. It was my first attempt so the timing is a little out and the bouncing effect isn’t the greatest, but I shall try and improve for next time. It would be great if more people could join in subtitling different Chinese language videos and upload them to Youtube.

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