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Chok樣 (Chok joeng6)


Chok樣 is a cool slang (潮語) word that has become popular in HK in recent years. It describes the kind of fake, acting cool, posing, pouting, nauseating face that people, especially teen idols, pull in front of cameras. 耍帥(shuǎshuài) as used in Taiwan means much the same.  It reminds me a lot of Blue Steel

As with a lot of modern slang terms, the origins of Chok樣 seem to be hazy. Chok, according to some sources, is from the English choke because of the choking feeling (使人窒息) one gets when you see chok樣 pictures like the one below.

Okay, maybe not that suffocating. The above is an example of chok樣 for comedic effect. Wikipedia and numerous other sources propose that the original character for chok is actually 擢 (zaak6; zok6) meaning ‘forceful shaking’ (in MSM zhuó has the meaning of ‘selecting’ or ‘promoting’). Whatever its origins, it seems as though chok is here to stay, as Raymond Lam recently won ‘Song of the Year’ award for the terrible song… you guessed it… Chok (with romanisation and English). The song is that bad that a lot of controversy also ensued over the fact that it received an award. There is even a chok樣 Facebook group.

Example in context:

“如果古巨基都叫chok, 咁好多明星都叫chok啦” (jyu4gwo2 Gu2 Geoi6gei1 dou1 giu3 chok, gam2 hou2 do1 ming4sing1 dou1 giu3 chok laa1)

“If Leo Ku is a poser, then loads of celebrities are posers.”

Finally, what would any post about internet slang be without a picture of a cute dog or cat.

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