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溫水劇場: Warm Water Theatre (46. 強國人專用)


From time to time, I intend to translate some of  the fantastic 溫水劇場 cartoons. The cartoons are satirical and quite politically sensitive, mainly protesting against the CCP and their encroaching on the rights and freedom of the people of Hong Kong. Whether you agree with the political persuasion of the cartoonist or not, written Cantonese materials are hard to come by and as such deserve some attention. These cartoons are also useful for anybody, like me, who struggles to read handwritten Chinese.

The cartoons all feature frogs as this is, according to the cartoonist, a reflection of the predicament of the Hong Kong people. It is taken from the boiling frog anecdote: you can boil a frog to death, if you heat it up slowly. This represents the gradual taking away, by the CCP, of the liberties of the Hong Kong people and because the process is gradual, the Hong Kongers don’t realise it is happening to them; they are the boiling frogs. This also gave rise to the name of the series of cartoons: 溫水劇場 or Warm Water Theatre.

嘩,依個牌乜野事呀,淨得簡體嘅!            (依/呢)

Wow, what’s with that sign? It’s only got simplified characters!

係喎,唔講仲以為番咗上大陸喎!            (番/返)

Oh, yea. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I’d have thought we were back in mainland China.



無所謂!? 一國兩制喎!

I’m not bothered.

Not bothered!? It’s one country two systems!




Do you understand it?

Not really!


睇唔明,即係唔係比你睇啦!            (比/俾)

If you don’t understand it, then it isn’t intended for you.

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